Quick Update

Hey guys, this is just a quick update to inform you that all the future parts of the “Lets create a social media app” will be in video form and hosted on youtube. I think its way easier to explain stuff via video. Nevertheless I’ll still post general tutorials about...
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Lets create a social media app (Part 1 - The Forms)

In this tutorial series we’ll try to build a social media app with Angular 2. This application will be like a stripped down Facebook. So there will be a register-/login form, profiles and so on. The great thing about this app is that we can use all of the core features of Angular2. So lets dive right into it. If you want to have the same styles as I have, you need to use: bootstrap-paper-css.

Note: Since there are already a lot of really good basic tutorials I may not explain everything. If you have trouble to follow, feel free to checkout the Angular2 form and Angular2 template syntax guide.

Goal Of This Part
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Angular 2 Starter Setup with JSPM, SystemJS and Typescript in atom (Part 2)

In this part we will talk more about the SystemJS-Hot-Reloader and how you can implement this awesome plugin. Whenever you have problems with this tutorial, you can look up the code at Github or contact me :).

Implementing SystemJS-Hot-Reloader
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Angular 2 Starter Setup with JSPM, SystemJS and Typescript in atom (Part 1)

This blog post will be about the setup of Angular 2 with jspm and systemjs. In this post we will use the angular2 version 2.0.0-beta.1. This version might not work correctly for the IE. If you want to develop for the internet explorer you may want to use beta.0.

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