Hi, I’m Mario Brendel, the Founder of this blog. My goal is to teach you everything about Angular2. Currently I’m trying to get into Angular2 myself, so most of my tutorials will be from the view of a beginner. Since I’m a Java developer most of my code will look very object oriented, although I’ll try to use RxJs/Underscore from time to time.

I’ve been a software developer since 3 years. Although I’m not coding for a long time, I already gained a deep passion for programming. My personal favorite topics are: JavaEE, Angular2, Microservices(I hate that term… so misleading) and asynchronous programming. I’m thrilled to try out everything about angular2 and RxJS and I’ll try to share all the knowledge i gained. So if you ever want some help feel free to mail me(mariob@mario-brendel.com) whenever you have suggestions or other things that are on your mind.

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